Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Times at the Strange Folk Fest!

Hooray for festivals! I had a blast at Strange Folk this past weekend. This was an indie crafter's place to be. I love these types of festivals because the environment is so welcoming and open. Everyone is sooo nice, energetic, and happy. It was a pleasure participating and meeting all sorts of new people. My mom and I drove 4-5 hours-ish (Who's really counting, anyways.) to be a part of this fine event. We were blessed with mostly awesome weather except for that hour or so of monsoon. Other than that and a little wind, it was fantastic. People were even shopping in the rain! Those troupers!
Above was our cookie spread (and me in an igloo made out of milk jugs.) We started off with 17 varieties and ended with NONE! WE SOLD OUT! Every last cookie was eaten up, and it was such a great feeling! The festival was a two day event, and on the second day, people were telling us that we were tweeted about! Yay, happy customers! We left the festival 2 and a half hours early, with high spirits and a lighter load.

We met some awesome people there, and I spend half of my earnings supporting my fellow crafters. (Glad to do it!) It was hard not to buy more. AND trading is always fun. I love vendors who are willing to trade or do a partial trade. Cookies in exchange for things I can't make = good times. I got a really cool handbag from Pretty Fun, a couple of adorable pins from Bunnies & Bows, and soap in the shape of a man's torso by Scissor Scouts. Found some beautiful stationary at Serendipity. Those girls were so sweet! They gave me a T-shirt! I traded for some of TwIsTeD's earrings. And I had to buy a scarf from Jill's Weavings, or I knew I'd be kicking myself later. I walked past the booth 3 times before I claimed the one I'd been eying. Mom snagged some earrings from Strung Out & Wired.

I had the best booth neighbors ever. Paige from Lenox Knits couldn't have been nicer. We bought and traded throughout the day! The Sparrow Fist was my other neighbor. I left with one of her pretty headbands, but not before trying on all of them first.
An honorable mention goes out to Michelle from Pasties by Michelle. All I can say is: how brave, how awesome. Can't wait to sign up for Strange Folk next year!

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  1. Hi! Your cookies were delicious! So glad we traded. And Ginger from Serendipity has the cutest, prettiest stationary. She was my first Strangfolk neighbor.