Friday, September 11, 2009

5 relaxed mornings and 5 breakfasts

My favorite time of the day is somewhere between 9am and noon. This is my quiet, step into the day, time. The atmosphere is serene, the morning light is perfect, I don't have to talk to anyone because everyone is either asleep or at work. I don't get to enjoy this time every day, so I savor the mornings when I do. I try to be inventive with my breakfasts. I love variety and hot tea. Those are must haves. This breakfast consisted of raisin bread toast swirled with mascarpone cheese and lingonberry preserves, baby plums, and a side of Greek yogurt and pumpkin butter.
An unusual breakfast for me. Under all of that milk, banana, and pecan is honey and white rice left over from the previous evening's Chinese take-out. A homage to rice pudding.
A craving for bagles led me to buy what looked and tasted like a bagle loaf. I got it from a wonderful Indianapolis-based deli, Shipiro's. This 'everything' loaf was terrific. I slathered one half with mascarpone and the other with quark drizzled with honey.
Yes, I will eat a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast. This one had brie and peaches.
Last but not least, this morning's offerings. Raisin bread toast, mascarpone (It's good stuff, you might note,) pumpkin butter, and pecans. Plain yogurt with blueberry jam in a bowl serves as a plate.
I know that breakfast is seemingly mundane, but I highly suggest, at least once in a while, to make a morning of it. Take your time and fix what sounds good to you. If the weather is nice, sit out side and enjoy every bite in the fresh air. Don't start clearing the table after the last bite is in your mouth. Linger and relax.

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