Monday, September 21, 2009

Indy's Irish Fest

Today my brother and I went to the Irish Fest at Military Park, downtown Indy. It was a very Irishy day - cloudy, drizzly, chilly - appropriate for this event. We got in for "free" by donating some canned goods for a local food bank. Aaron, humorously, bought cans of potatoes - a very Irish touch. We came especially to experience a typical Irish breakfast. As I had guessed, it was a very meaty meal.
A carnivore's delight: bangers (sausage), scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, shepherd's pie, and black and white "pudding". I'm pretty sure that the "pudding" is in the center of the plate under the ham. It tasted good, but I'm glad I didn't know the ingredients. It's probably all organs.... Ahhh, here's a recipe for black and white pudding. The ingredients are listed. Not sure if I'll ever eat it again.
Here's Brother feasting on his plate of meat. I was surprised that there wasn't a bread product with the traditional breakfast/brunch. Another breakfast item offered was sauteed tomatoes. Neither of us got a helping of those though. Bleck. Tasty pulpy orange juice helped wash down all of that salty fare.
What's more delicious that haggis? Canned haggis! My sarcasm couldn't be any thicker.
We found a shirt for Karli. I thought she would appreciate it.
Other than food, the Irish Fest had a few bands playing, many booths full of kitschy things to buy, and a very friendly woman spinning wool. She filled us in on the process of yarn making - from sheep's back to sweater. It was quite interesting. There was also a booth for ancestral information. We found out our Mom's side of the family's origins (Scottish), our family motto ("Love proved.") and our family's crest. Very cool. You can research your own family's origin on this fun website: House of Names. Enjoy!

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