Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet Sweet Attention!

We've been getting a lot of buzz lately, and, I've got to say, it pretty much rocks. Hard.

Earlier this summer, I got to get a plug in on local TV. WISH TV 8 was on the scene at the Binford Market in July. I got to sneak in for 30 seconds. Our booth almost got over-looked, but I grabbed a cookie and handed it to Dick Wolfsie to get his attention. My plan worked because I got to say "The Hot Cookie" on TV. Hell yes, free advertising.

AND we've been noted on multiple blogs! I totally dig this blogging love! If you like to read about us as much as I like reading about us, check these blogs out!


Lenox Knits
Indie Fixx
Stylish Giving
etre soi Indianapolis Monthly (Super stoked about this one, P.S.)
Buy a Green Savings Coupon book and save some moolah!

Thanks, Fans!

Come and visit us at our booth on Friday and Saturday (Oct 2nd 6-9 and 3rd 10-6) at the fall Indieana Handicraft Exchange. Karli's making more Whoopie Pies. This time they are pumpkin flavored. How festive!

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