Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jagerdoodle Blog Remix for CakeSpy!

Jagerdoodles! (Pronounced Yay-ger-doodles.)
I had a cookie brain-child recently. I christened it the Jagerdoodle.
"What the devil is a Jagerdoodle?!" I hear you say.
Well dear, when a Snickerdoodle and a shot of Jagermeister fall in love..........umm, uh, I'll tell you when you're older.
Let me introduce you to my giant bottle of Jagermeister. When I told my mom that I made a Jager-y cookie, she asked me twice if I REALLY put Jager in the cookies. The answer was yes both times. Hence the name, ma. (Don't hate me for teasing you. Remember, you love me very much.)

Here the doodles are all dressed up in sugar and anise.
"Anise?!" Yes, anise. It enhances the Jageriness. Brace yourselves...bold flavor straight ahead. No cry babies allowed!

These spicy morsels can trick the eye, but definitely not the nose. You can smell that licorice-y goodness a mile away. It was torture for cookie-taster, Karli. She's no fan of black licorice. What Jagermeister blasphemy!

Here are some hints to making your own Drunken Snickerdoodles or Jagerdoodles.
The anatomy of a Jagerdoodle: your favorite Snickerdoodle dough, Jagermeister in place of the vanilla extract, anise in place of cinnamon. Eat them heartily with a tall glass of Jager...I mean milk...with a chaser of Jager...or...never mind. Experiment with your favorite liquors and make an assortment of Drunken Snickerdoodles! Sounds like a party to me. Prost!

Sarah Richcreek and Karli Kujawa are the co-owners of The Hot Cookie. The two bake tiny, all-natural artisan cookies by hand for the good of humanity in Indianapolis, Indiana. Find their cookies at

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