Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Perfecting the Chocolate Chip and a return to the Hazelnut Cookie.

Hey there, Sarah here. I have been testing chocolate chip cookies. When I mess with the brown sugar to white sugar ratio, it changes the appearance and texture. I'm having trouble balancing the two. I can make a truly wonderful, chewy cookie with more brown sugar, but it is a bit darker than I would prefer. And I can make a lighter colored cookie by using more white sugar, but they become too crispy the day after baking. Must resolve!

Here's what the batter looked like when using mostly white sugar. Light and fluffy.

Here are the cookies after they've been baked. (They need more chocolate! More! More chocolate!) The texture was perfect the day I made them, but the next day ... tisk tisk tisk.

This is second try for the hazelnut cookie. I really liked the first batch, and others did too, but I wanted to try to make it better.

I pressed them and added a pecan - I know that a hazelnut would have been more appropriate, but I didn't have any on hand. The pecan held it's own anyways.

They look pretty good, but the texture was too tough. Bad me! Bad me for changing a good thing! This recipe is going to be forgotten.

Greater cookies coming soon!
PS - Our first official day in the commercial kitchen is tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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