Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Peanut Butter Uglies

Hey, it's Sarah again. It appears that the peanut butter cookie is a challenge for me. I perfected my peanut butter cookie, or so I thought. I was using regular ol' peanut butter. The kind that we all grew up with, the kind on our lunchtime PB & J's, the kind filled with a bunch of junk that's bad for us like palm oil, cottonseed oil, etc. Honestly, I'm partial to this fantastically tasty, mostly bad peanut butter, but I wanted to make a cookie that the health-conscious could feel good about. So I bought a jar of all natural peanut butter. The ingredients are: peanuts and salt. That's it. I baked a batch of each to see and taste the difference.

"Lunch box" peanut butter VS. all natural peanut butter.

Here's the batter for my perfected "lunch box" peanut butter cookies. I threw in some peanut butter chips to see how they would fare in the baking process.

They look beautiful. Nice, light, and chocked full of peanut buttery goodness.

Here's what the natural peanut butter batter looks like. Darker already. Hmmm... They look like little monsters.

I had to add extra sugar because there was absolutely none in the jar. I also put peanut butter chips in half of the batter.

No. This is not the desired apprearance at all. Natural peanut butter, you are making me work extra hard. Why don't you cooperate? Here we have a crumbly mess; one sweet, blobby mess.

I here by name this batch Peanut Butter Uglies. They taste like a peanut butter cookie, but they need a make-over. I'll be working on this.

Tell me, do you care what kind of peanut butter you eat? What kind is in your pantry right now? Thanks!

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