Monday, March 9, 2009

Coping with Coffee. Bleh!

So coffee is a pretty popular drink. It's third in line under tea and water. I never got on board the coffee train. My place smells like coffee right now because of my latest batch of cookies, and I'm pretty grossed out. There's a demand for coffee flavored cookies, so I had to bite the bullet and make some. This first coffee experiment went like this:
I went to the store and bought some of that stinky, black stuff because there was none to be found in my place. The roomies don't drink it either. Bless them.

Here's the stuff in liquid form. I'm sure most of you are on a first name basis with it, which is fine. We can still be friends.

The dough is so misleading. It looks like a nice, lightly chocolaty dough. It is not. It smells like coffee.

Not knowing what this dough would do, I did the normal dough drop shape...

...and pressed a few, just for kicks.

Here's the coffee monster after it's emergence from the oven.

Being the baker, I had to try one. I pinched my nose and held my breath...not really. They actually weren't that bad for me. The coffee taste wasn't too overwhelming. Maybe I should add more coffee? I don't know! I left the taste testing up to my roommates' co-workers. I will know the tastiness by tomorrow evening. To be continued...

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