Saturday, August 1, 2009

Food Escape - Issue #1

I think I have figured out why I love to eat and go out to eat and talk about food and eat some more. I dream of lunch while I'm clearing the breakfast table. It's sickening, but I've found the reason behind the madness. It's because food is my escape. I LOVE to travel, but that habit is expensive! So I get my mini vacations at meal times. The best mini vacations are when I go to a restaurant for the first time. I love to find the hole-in-the-wall eateries that only locals know about. When out on a road trip or when I'm just a different part of the city, it's a pet peeve of mine to never go to chain restaurants. I don't want to go to P.F.Chang's, goombah! I've got one of those on my side of town. Give me something new. I'm always in the mood for new. Food is an adventure, or it should be at least.

Alrighty, after that little tiff, on to the point. I'm going to blog about my various experiences at new/favorite restaurants. It's fun for me, and I hope it will be fun for you.

During my last trip to Lafayette to visit my fantastic friend, Natalie - who has since moved to Japan. Hummbug. - I tried out a new-to-me eatery. (Natalie is well aware of my foodie pet peeve. Bless her.) We went to a nifty, cavernous pub called The Black Sparrow. It had a fun, dark ambiance. It made me feel pirate-y.

Natalie suggested that I try out the Cuban Sandwich, a favorite of her father's. It was my first Cuban sandwich, although a not so authentic one, as Natalie informed me. This one had French bread. Therefore it was a French-Cuban sandwich. Who do they think we are? A little respect please. :)

Because this was our last meal together (for awhile) we got fancy and ordered a drink. It was called the Iron Cross. I wanted to get it because I'd never had a cocktail that had egg white in it. It also had Pisco brandy, orange flower water, lemon, simple syrup, and grapefruit bitters (whatever those are.) I think Natalie was a bit off put by the egg white. It was tasty, though.

Changing it up a bit, I had a delightful lunch with my mom earlier this week. We often meet for lunch at The Legend in Irvington. Their food is so fresh and delicious. Mom got a refreshing sandwich with cucumber, guacamole, spring lettuce, and mozzarella on rosemary bread. Can't leave out the PILE of steamed sugar snap peas. Yum!

I was very happy with the make-your-own salad. I got a spring mix salad with Gruyere, balsamic vinegar, and The Legend's famous sauteed chicken. I don't normally go for chicken, but I will at this place. Holy cow!

Every once in a while I will try to get over disliking certain foods. Cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, etc. I TRY. I REALLY TRY to like these foods. They are so nutritious and look very appetizing, but it just doesn't work out for me. Cherry tomato, you are just too darn cute, but my tongue doesn't agree.

Until next time, bonne aventure!

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