Friday, July 31, 2009

July Cookie Experiments

Forever ago, (earlier this year) I made a stamp out of clay so that we could personalize our cookies. Here's our first attempt at stamping.

Pretty! Looks like it might work!

And no. Not with this new peanut butter dough. We will try it again with a shortbread.

We've been toying with a new peanut butter recipe. We like it a lot, but we wanted to put more of a spin on it. So Peanut Butter Jammies came into existence.

These are very fickle cookies! They have to have the right jam. We REALLY wanted grape jelly to work, but they turned out SO ugly. Then we tried strawberry jam. It was better, but still not ideal. Raspberry jam seems to be the best jam for thumbprint cookies. Peanut Butter Raspberry Jammies are coming soon.

Citrus cookies are here! This one is an Orange Cashew cookie.

I really like the way they look, but we're unsure of the balance of flavors. We have gotten mixed reviews from tasters. We will have more taster's opinions this weekend. I'm going to work on this recipe a bit more. I have faith in it.

And the winner is...the NEW LEMON TARRAGON COOKIE!
Yet to be named, this cookie is terrific! I am so pleased on how it turned out. It's made with fresh lemon zest and juice with organic tarragon from my mom's herb garden. I never knew that a cookie could be refreshing!

And they are so snazzy, too. Any ideas on a name? Free cookies to the one who comes up with the best name.

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