Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Morning Ritual - Tea Time

My oh-so-sweet German friend, Katharina, granted my request to bring back many, many, many bags of tea. I am addicted to this certain brand of German tea - TeeGschwendner. I'm a total tea snob; I prefer to only drink this spectacular brand. When Karli and I were thinking about opening up a cafe, this is the tea that would have been served. Only the best for our customers. Anyways, there was an unexpected bag of tea in my package that was particularly note worthy.

Katharina snuck in this amazing organic, green, strawberry tea. It has WHOLE dehydrated strawberries. You can't get any more strawberry-y than that.

Look at those beautiful leaves plump out.

Here's the bag for the fancy strawberry tea. It's in German, so ... I have no idea what it says.

Ahhh, my tea stash is full again!!! I am contented. Happy sipping.

*Note* If this blog entry looks familiar, it's because it was on my old blog. I liked it enough to bring it back. Yay tea!


  1. I'm in your blog!!! :-) You are so sweet. I can't wait to finally try those awesome looking cookies!

    oh, and the German text says: Finest white tea from the best gardens of South India with a touch of juicy strawberries. Ingredients: white tea form India, strawberries, natural aroma.

  2. Holy awesome, I am totally going to see if I can get that strawberry tea at the Chicago location. I have been drinking Christmas tea before July. They have a really nice herbal Christmas blend that I got when we were in Chicago for SOFA.

    PS: thanks for turning me into a tea snob, too.