Monday, August 3, 2009

The Hot Cookie Girls at Midland Antiques

Can I say one thing first? WOW! Midland Sash and Door Inc. was a factory in downtown Indy. Now it is a HUGE and fantastic antique store. Karli and I have wanted to check it out for a long time. We found an excuse (searching for a cookie display rack) and let ourselves roam wild in this well preserved, squeaky wood floored factory. There were isles and isles of booths. As well as a second floor to boot! Look at this cute deco clock! I want one!
I don't know what this is or what it was used for, but it was beautiful - and sold.
We were blown away by the two matching Chinese medicine chests. I liked the hanging pots/utensils above the old stove.

We saw a couple of butcher's tables. I would love to have a beefy work table like that, but for doughs and such.
The staging in some of the booths were really well done. This one looks so cozy.
This is a corn huller. Karli wanted it in her house. It would make an unusual side table.
This is a bronze cast made from a mold that was designed for one of Frank Lloyd Wright's houses. Super cool!
I love old maps. Russia was eating up Eastern Europe on this 1964 school map.
"Somebody bought the cheese sign!" exclaims Karli. The woman loves her cheese. She should be the rightful owner of the sign.
A telephone desk. Remember when people would sit down and have a complete conversation instead of doing a million other things while on the phone? No? Me either.
I would love to have a lab desk for my work table. Karli and I both had flashbacks from high school science class while in this booth. I spilled iodine on the one at my school. The stain is probably still there.
Leaded glass windows galore! I would love to have a big one as a headboard on my bed, or anywhere else in my house. They are so cool!
Glorious old fashioned packaging. That must have been some scrumptious ice cream for someone to save the pint for so many years.
Karli's sippin' on a "martini" in the factory's vault. It would have made a sweet party pad. The vault booth was decked out in 1960's gear.
Sweet, sweet table and chair set in the vault.
Why can't dinner and drink parties be more common now? I want to be a hostess like those in the 50's. Atomic Cocktail anyone?
We flipped over these type set letter stamps. (Or however you call them.) We played with them for a good 10 minutes.
Oh, and this table! It has no nails, screws, or glue. My grandpa would appreciate the craftsmanship. It was absolutely beautiful, and on SALE! If only I had a place to put it.
This would be in our The Hot Cookie store if we had one. It would be in the front window - a little less cluttered and loaded up with cookies.
An entire ROW of WOODEN file cabinets! Why did we switch to metal?
We got a good laugh at this last item. It's a fainting chair for dolls. You know that every spoiled rich girl had one of these in the early 1900's. Barbie ain't got nothing on those dolls with a fainting chair.
In conclusion, we found a perfect display rack. After a bit of paint and some cushions it will be perfect. Pictures will probably be taken and a blog to follow. Yeahoo!


  1. beefy table- nice pun :)
    I like to live vicariously through you too!

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