Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good Ol' Corn Bread

Every year, my family and I go to the Indiana State Fair. We go to get the essentials: a funnel cake, pineapple whip ice cream, sugar coated German almonds, Indiana maple syrup, etc. When I'm there, I have to purchase some sort of flour from Sunny Slopes Farm. Last year I got some wheat bran, and this year freshly milled corn meal came home with me. I've had this corn bread recipe for over two years. It's one of a handful of recipes that Sunny Slopes Farm gives out every year. Today was the perfect time to whip some up from scratch.
I sampled and bought this Indiana sorghum to put into my real, old timey corn bread.
These are my eggs of choice. I get them at the Binford Farmers Market on Saturdays when I'm there with my load of cookies. Jonathan and Lucinda are good people.
The recipe says to turn the oven on to 400 degrees and put butter (it calls for shortening, but I don't believe in that junk.) in the cast iron skillet to melt while you get the other ingredients together. This doesn't mean dilly dally around - AKA taking photos for a blog - because when I pulled the pan out of the oven, I had some BLACK butter. It was not pretty. I had to do a dump and clean, then melt some more. Boo hiss, wasted precious butter. In went the sorghum molasses. I had never made corn bread with this traditional ingredient. I don't prefer it. Honey is my sweetener of choice.
I didn't like the assembly of ingredients on the recipe. Normally when you make corn bread, you would mix the dry ingredients together, then mix the wet ingredients, then add the dry to the wet. This would be my suggestion for you.
This was difficult to shoot. The skillet was dang HEAVY and a HOT. I burnt the palm of my hand during this stunt. The things I do for show business.
Returning it all to the piping hot skillet. Doesn't look appetizing, bare with me.
After about 17 minutes, it was all done. It had to wait a few hours until dinner time. Then came the slicing and honey drizzling.
That's how I like it. Warm and slathered with honey. Some prefer butter and some even molasses. However you take it, enjoy a chunk of corn bread soon.

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