Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Three Ways.

I do love a good grilled cheese sandwich. I also love to make unusual grilled cheese sandwiches. After seeing an episode of Ham on the Street a few years ago, I've been putting all kinds of preserves and jams on my grilled cheeses. The episode featured a sort of "Grilled Cheese Lotto." There were three rotating bingo-type barrels - all with slips of paper listing a variety of each category. The first barrel listed types of bread, the second listed types of cheeses, and the third held a list of preserves/jams/jellies. The hungry volunteers would stick their hands into each barrel to choose their grilled cheese combo. This is a fun game to play. I had a grilled cheese lotto party at my house once. It was delicious.
I got back on the grilled cheese sandwich kick this week and made a different one three days in a row.
This one is a pro biotic cheese, nectarine, and lingonberry preserve sandwich on Italian bread.
Here's my fancy panini/sandwich maker. It's a special edition. Only the best for me.
This yummy is a brie and blueberry jam sandwich on raisin bread.
I'd never heard of "frying cheese" before. It should be called "already fried cheese" because that's what it looks like. It is very tasty.
So I made a frying cheese and pumpkin butter sandwich on nutty whole wheat bread.
I suggest that you play the Grilled Cheese Lotto with a group of friends sometime. Have everyone bring either a bread, cheese, or jelly/jam/preserve. Cut each sandwich into quarters or eighths and have your guests taste them all. Look here to find a few combination suggestions. Have fun!


  1. Oh, these are drool worthy!! I use to love that show Ham on the Street!

  2. That's so much fun! I totally want to have a grilled cheese lotto party now...and I definitely want a grilled brie & raspberry jam sandwich tomorrow... :)