Thursday, June 3, 2010

Herby Baked Potatoes

I used to not like baked potatoes. I didn't like how the skin was tough and dry. I didn't like how I had to cover up it's bland flavor with mounds of sour cream, butter, and chive or cheddar cheese and bacon. I just wanted a simple, flavorful potato. Is that too much to ask? I think not!

Start with clean potatoes. Pierce them with a fork or knife several times. This will prevent a potato explosion and helps the flavors sink beneath the skin.

Start an assembly line. Foil on the bottom, pierced potato on top, drizzle of olive oil, hearty pinch of salt, and a smattering of your herb/s of choice. I'm down with rosemary and sage. Now, massage your potato into the flavor enhancers. Don't be afraid, get into it.

Wrap your spuds up and place them in a 450 degree oven - seam side up. Set the timer for an hour. For giant potatoes, allow for a longer baking time.

There you have it: soft, edible skin, perfectly seasoned, simple potato. Feel free to drizzle on another shot of olive oil. Enjoy!

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