Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ryaninjun Bread

Let me explain the name of this bread. The Book of Bread tells me that this New England born loaf was created due to the abundance of rye and corn produced there. Corn meal or Indian meal ("Injun" meal if you pronounce it with a racist accent - hence the name) was paired with rye flour, yeast, and water and baked in a brick oven. If only I had a brick oven. Sigh. I helped build one once. They are pretty nifty. On the the racist bread.

On the first rise (not pictured) the dough is very wet and spongy. It's left to rise over night. When the time comes to turn it out and knead, the directions said that it "must be kneaded only briefly". I was skeptical, but obeyed. I regret this decision later.

I love books with pictures. I firmly believe that every book should contain pictures. I get the gist of what they're doing...

Here's my attempt. Looks similar to the drawing. I'm hopeful at this point.

Flat flat flat. This is two hours later. I'm wondering if I let it rest for an hour too long.... Bread is so flippin' picky!

After baking: it didn't move a frickin' inch. Whatever bread, whatever.

Dense and half the height it should be, here's my Ryaninjun bread. It is reminiscent of beer bread in taste. I wouldn't make it again, honestly. Therefore, no recipe for you. Trust me, it's not worth your time. Chalk another win for the bread and another loss for me. I'll get you bread, if it's the last thing I doooooooooooo!

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