Monday, April 12, 2010

This Only Happens in Movies...or on MTV!

I have to tell you about our wild Saturday. It's one for the books; a roller coaster day full of twists and turns. The day begins very early (well, very early for me) at 7am. I loaded up my car with a bunch of crap to sell at Karli's yard sale. I was grumpy and still half asleep when I was trying to shut the door with my hands full - broke a hand-blown glass vase. Grrr! In my angry fit, I tossed a box into my car/fell into my car and clothes-lined myself in the car door frame. Ah, a pleasant way to start the day.

Things got better when I arrived at Karli and Travis's house. We set up shop in their front lawn. We had visitors even before all of our stuff was put out. THEN, while we were selling and customers were buying, one of the customers collapsed and had a seizure. Karli called 911, and a fire truck and an ambulance full of paramedics came to help. The woman was OK. Thankfully she didn't hit her head too hard when she fell. She recovered after a few minutes with a peanut butter sandwich and milk - hypoglycemic apparently. She actually returned later in the afternoon to thank us and continued shopping!!!

Our yard sale went very well, but at noon we had to cut out and head to a TV shoot produced by a handful of lovely folks from MTV!!! Because The Hot Cookie is a member of the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, and Amanda and Neal Tafflinger won one of the Pepsi Refresh Everythinggrants for their future store, Homespun, we got to participate! Renowned MTV corespondent,SuChin Pak conducted interviews with all of the Handicrafters present. It was very interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes. All of the crew members were very nice, and LOVED our cookies. We are honored to have been a part of it.
Here we are being interviewed by SuChin.

She had just taken a bite of one of our Sea Salt Chocolate Chunkers and is showing the camera. She nibbled on them between questions.
The rest of our mock Handicraft Exchange. We did a pretty good job. The wind was a bit naughty.
And if that weren't enough, one of the producers bought pizza for us all; and not just any pizza, but Jockamo's pizza! Could life get any sweeter? The one minute segment is supposed to run sometime within the next couple of weeks and (potentially) be on MTV, VH1, TeenNick, Comedy Central,, and SpikeTV.


  1. Congrats, Sarah & Karli! What great exposure.

    -Laura Frank

  2. Awesome! If it's on Hulu, will you let me know?? I def want to watch it!!