Monday, April 5, 2010

The Hot Cookie's First Wedding!

Look how fancy Karli is. She put together these adorable sample packs for our first wedding clients, Ari and Valerie. We are providing cookies for their wedding in June.
Ari sought us out specifically because our cookies are all natural and because he's awesome and wants to support local business. When the guests arrive at their reception, they will be greeted with a tasty bag of cookies! What a sweet way to thank their friends and family for coming!
The sample packs allow the bride and groom to taste and choose the cookies that will best suit their guests. It's probably one of the hardest decisions of their wedding plans, I'm sure. Ari confirmed that this was true.
Karli and I are looking forward to this momentous occasion.

Also, more big news for The Hot Cookie: we've just been accepted into the Carmel Farmers' Market this summer! There were 55 vendors competing for the only two available spots at this prestigious market, and we got one! Please come and check out the Carmel Farmers' Market. We'll be looking for you!

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  1. congrats!! i used to love going to the farmer's market. good times:)