Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lowery's Candies: Muncie's Sweetest Specialty Store

In the little ol' city of Muncie, there is one of the sweetest places on earth: Lowery's Candies. Upon entering this humble shop, a wave of delicious scent hits like brick, like a brick of chocolate to be exact. Lowery's Candies is a family run company and has been in business for 69 years. It has been a cornerstone for the Muncie and Yorktown communities for decades. Every single piece of candy has been handmade and hand-dipped the old fashioned way. Their love and effort shines through in their delectable chocolates.

Having grown up in the area, Lowery's was a big part of gift giving and receiving in my family.

Inside, peer through the glass and pick out your favorites. Assorted boxes are available to satisfy all tastes: Nuts & Chewies, Assorted Cremes, or both.

I used to get one of these giant chocolate eggs from my grandma every year at Easter. They were always filled with chocolate covered toffee, my favorite.

I love sending these Indiana shaped chocolates to my friends from afar. Lowery's was one of the first places I would show off to foreign exchange students. They became immediate fans.

I cannot leave Lowery's without a Tiger Paw (you might know them as a turtle.) What could possibly be better than chocolate, caramel, and pecans? That's right, nothing! The little item on top was a new discovery for me. (I was shocked myself; having been around Lowery's all of my life.) It's called a Dark Secret. Dark, obviously because it's covered with dark chocolate, and secret because the thick creme's recipe is unknown to most of the staff. Those sneaky chocolatiers!

I know you're drooling because I am, too, but please know that Lowery's Candies close up shop or the summer. The heat and humidity are very unkind to the candies. Lowery's is open for Mother's Day and then usually shut their doors soon after. They reopen sometime in September. Give them a call if you're wondering. It truly depends on the weather. Lowery's will ship all over the US, and you can order online! Hooray for the internet! Hooray for Lowery's Candies in the mail!

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