Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not your standard yogurt.

There has been a whole lot of hoo-ha about how cow's milk is bad for us to drink. I don't know what to believe, honestly. Some say that you can drink raw milk and be OK. Some say that as humans, we don't have the proper enzymes to digest milk. I happen to love milk - especially 2% organic milk. And don't get me started on half & half and cream. The more fat, the better. Anyway, to be on the safe side, I suppose, I ventured to Whole Foods to see what alternatives they had in the yogurt department. I found three different types and took them home to taste test.

#1 - Goat Milk Yogurt. I know, it's still dairy, but some say that goat's milk is easier to digest because...the goat has a smaller stomach compared to a cow who has four (or at least one giant stomach with four compartments - however you want to break it down.) I found this yogurt to have a perfect texture, strong like Greek yogurt. On the other hand, in terms of flavor, the goat yogurt was my least favorite. It tasted like straight up chevre. No surprise there. I just couldn't get over how cheesy it was. Not a fan.

#2 - Soy yogurt. Supposedly ladies aren't supposed to have too much processed soy either. I'm kind of sick of all of this catch 22 crap. Food scientists, please just admit that you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Thanks. Anyway, the texture was a bit separated. I had to stir it up for consistency. Of the three, this one had the most bite, like sour cream with a hint of rice. This was my second choice in terms of flavor.

#3 - Coconut Milk Yogurt. I knew right off the bat that this one would be my flavor favorite. It was slightly tangy and just sweet enough. The coconut milk flavor definitely came through. It was the farthest from tasting like traditional cow's milk yogurt, but I still liked it.

Now, let's talk Nutrition Facts. I compared the calories, fat, protein, sugar, and calcium content of all three. Here's the rundown:
  • Calories (G) 100, (S) 110, (C) 130
  • Fat (G) 4.5g, (S) 2.5g, (C) 7g
  • Protein (G) 7g, (S) 3g, (C) 1g
  • Sugar (G) 7g, (S) 13g, (C) 12g
  • Calcium (G) 20%, (S) 30%, (C) 30%
There you have it, folks. I'll let you do your own research and be the judge. I'm going to the store to get some Greek yogurt.

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