Sunday, October 4, 2009

INDIEana Handicraft Exchange - Fall Edition

Can I tell you that I'm totally exhausted? Because I am exhausted. It was a whirl wind of baking this week. We were even baking and elbows deep in powdered sugar hours before the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange on Friday. We had record sales that night. It was a great feeling. We even sold out AGAIN an hour before closing on Saturday. It's really encouraging that our cookies are gobbled up so quickly. Karli made more whoopie pies for the occasion. This time she made a perfect seasonal flavor - pumpkin and spice. Needless to say, they were gone first. It was great to watch customers buy one and walk off, only to return within minutes to buy a couple more. Karli and I were technically "working" this event, but it's just so much G-danged fun, it's like play.

Our booth! I wish we had gotten a photo of me and Karli behind it, but the idea wasn't around at the time. Maybe I should photoshop us in....

Our gallery mates totally showed us up at booth displays. They had it down, and their tables looked perfect.

After Day 1 of Handicraft, Karli, Travis, and I took Andy and Julie of Nourishing Notes out for a snack and a drink. We ended up at the Living Room Lounge downtown. They got to eat their first Indiana tenderloin. They were not expecting a slab of meat the size of their plate, so this was their hilarious expression when it was set before them. If you get a chance to meet these folks, it's your lucky day. You can't find nicer people.

Gallery Mates: Bobbie of b.makemake. We had the pleasure of lining the En Route hall at the Harrison Center again with Bobbie and Aubrey. These girls are half the fun of Handicraft. I had to buy another critter to add to my collection. After an introduction, my critters liked each other instantly, as I knew they would.

Gallery Mates: the adorable Aubrey of Backwoods Belle. This was her first official business event, and Karli happened to be her first customer. The transaction was documented via multiple photos. It was just too cute!
Yay! This is Sara B. She was a student of mine. I didn't teach her much because she had so much talent under her belt already. She's got a great eye and hand for design. This was her first craft fair, I believe. She rocked it out like a pro.

I had a LOT of self control at this extravaganza. I didn't hurt my wallet as badly as last time. Check out my goods:
Frosty Almond tea from Herb and Ginger. It's red! Check out that red tea!
A breeder handstitched by Bobbie of b.makemake.
Flower hair clip from Aubrey of Backwoods Belle.
Bumble bee hair clips from Buttons for Breakfast.
Handicraft logo t-shirt from the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange.
Fan-flippin-tastic hand printed foodie birthday cards by Nourishing Notes.
Grumpy cloud pin made by Cordial Kitten.
I will attend this event again and again and again. It's more fun than words can describe! Thanks Amanda for putting together such a great indie-craft fair!


  1. i {heart} you Sarah! thanks for including me in your blog post! i had such a good time at the show. and i think i ate all your Lemon Tarragon cookies and only gave my boyfriend one! i need to make another order STAT! ;) hugs!