Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh Joy! Our KitchenAid Experience

We heard that there was a sale going on in Greenville, Ohio at the KitchenAid store/outlet/museum, so Karli and I took a road trip. Two hours later, we're in a small, middle-American town that hasn't been touched for 50 years.

It was every person for themself in the store, but it was awesome. So many products on SALE SALE SALE. When I say this, I'm talking about the biggest sale I've ever seen. We saved about $780. Oh, yes we did!

The stand mixers were lined up - all colors of the rainbow - on three walls.

Piles and piles of mixers! We went away with two of them: a Pro 600 for our cookie kitchen and an Artisan for my mom. (She just had to have one. It was only $130, so why the hey not!)

Half of the lower level of the store is a museum. Karli checked it out while I was snatching up mixers. This place was like Disneyland for me.

Look at that relic!

I love the ads in the background.

Apparently the style of the mixer hasn't changed much since the Dust Bowl hit in the 1930's. Hey, if it works, don't fix it. I still likey.

And the Queen of them all. Flashbacks of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory flood in my mind when I see this. Golden ticket, golden egg, ... golden mixer?

Happiness is a trunk full of new kitchen equipment. Because we bought stand mixers and the fancy annual sale was going on, we got two ice cream maker attachments (regularly priced at $80), a set of 4 nesting prep bowls, a salad spinner, and a slotted spoon all for FREE! I bought some fancy spatulas and some tea towels too. I could have done more damage. I had to hold myself back. Oh, I almost forgot about the cute little tea pot I couldn't leave without. Adorable.

After shopping like mad women, we were famished and wandered the streets of Greenville for some tasty food. We went in and checked out four other restaurants before choosing the one with the least amount of curb appeal.

The inside was much nicer, and the food looked and smelled fabulous.

We both got pretzel bread sandwiches. Pretzel bread, hello! Get in my belly!

Look at it! It's glorious! We should name it. Hmmm. Any ideas?

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