Saturday, November 14, 2009

Three Downtown Indy Restaurants & a West Lafayette Cafe

So, I'm doing this little thingy called trying to get a job as a food writer. I've tracked down the editor of Metromix and have been bugging her a bit. I offered to write a test review for a new restaurant downtown - Cafe Zuppa. See what you think. "It all started with the soup; hence the name, Café Zuppa. (Zuppa, pronounced "zoopa", is the Italian word for soup.) Owners and new Indy residents Randy (originally from Georgia) and Paul (hailing from Maryland) built their business from their love of "adult" soups. After finding the perfect location across from the beautiful University Park on Meridian, the two began expanding their menu to suit the size of their restaurant - a space that big needed more than just soup. Innovative salads, flat bread pizzas, sandwiches, and a full breakfast soon followed.

I came in during breakfast time and feasted on the Meridian Street Omelet: three eggs folded around turkey, ham, mushrooms, tomato, broccoli, and my choice of cheese. The omelet came with a side of freshly cut, crispy hash browns and a pile of toast; a big portion for the moderate price of $6.35. Had I come a half hour later, at 11am, I could have ordered from the lunch menu and gotten the Roasted Turkey Pecan Panini that I'd been eyeballing or the enticing Trail Mix Salad. (You and I, Soup and Sandwich, shall dine together soon.) The menu was familiar, yet intriguing. The Kettle Soups are sure to be a comfort for downtown lunch-goers as the weather continues to cool off. A new soup, salad, and sandwich is created especially every week to keep curious taste buds satisfied. The lunch combinations are seemingly endless, and with the price range of $6 to $9, you can’t go wrong. Bottom line: Café Zuppa is locally owned. The staff is quick and friendly. The atmosphere is relaxed. The menu is bold, flavorful, diverse, and affordable. A win win situation all around."

Alright enough of that. On to Hoaglin's To Go. I did the rest of this just for funzies. Enjoy if you please.
Hoaglin's has been around for a long time. Their severely impressive quiche is evidence of this. They have two special quiches every day. This beast was delicious. "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." I had my side salad come with their champagne vinaigrette. Honestly, it turned my mouth inside out. A WEE bit tart.
Flashback to the Indieana Handicraft Exchange in October. After this two day event, Karli, Karli's Hub - Travis, and I met with our new, crafty friends from Chicago, Julie and Andy at MacNiven's - a place to get real Scottish fare. We were tired, cold, and in need of heavy comfort food. Oh, we found it here.
A toast to new friends and a successful weekend! (I had an Irish coffee. I'm so lame.)
This is all I really wanted. Warm. Warmness. Warmth. Found in a hot & sweet coffee beverage and in a hot & beefy stew. The roll and butter were a bonus.

And so was the sausage roll, smashed turnips, and coleslaw. I really shouldn't have gone this route. It was a baaaaaaaad idea. That sausage roll, in all of it's tastiness, kept me up all night, clutching my middle. Never again, sausage roll, never again. I will be returning to MacNiven's again though. I loved the atmosphere and menu.

Julie was awesome and got the most Scottish-y item on the menu. Scottish eggs. Great Scot!
Ending on a sweet note: The Greyhouse Coffee Shop in West Lafayette. This is a nod to my friend afar. We would go here every time I was in town. Their gelato is A.MAZE.ZING. Everything about this place is wonderful. It seeps wonderfulness. No tummy aches here.

Thanks for listening. Oh, if you like my writing and blogging, please tell your friends to follow me. Editors like to know that their prospective new writers have fans. The more fans the better. Yay fans! Yay support! Thanks for watching!

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