Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Strange Farmers Market

Now that the farmers market season is over, I can share with you some of the "highlights". I've been to a few farmers markets. The one that I sat at every Saturday morning this past summer was not a normal one. It was ... unique. You'll see what I mean.

One day, a live, giant elk was present. How often do you see one of those at a farmers market?

Various forms of martial arts were demonstrated throughout the season. I don't remember which one this is, but they were right next to my booth. The kids liked it.

Oh, this guy. I'm sure he's a nice fellow, but he was like a character straight out of Napoleon Dynamite - blend of Uncle Rico and Rex Kwondo. He would walk very stiffly whilst making exaggerated breathing noises to "get in the zone" even when no one was watching - besides us, of course.

Square dancing. This is actually quite cute to watch...except when the caller is present. Holy schnikeys does that woman have an annoying voice. It's characteristically a caller's voice - monotone and nasally with the microphone turned WAY up. Neighboring booths were less than pleased.

This one is my favorite. He's a fairly well know guy in the Indianapolis scene: il Troubadore - "The 14th Century Rock Band" if that gives you any hints. Robert, I believe his name is, is obviously talented. He plays a half a dozen instruments and can sing in four or five different languages. Some of his songs will probably never leave my memory. It was the same set every Saturday. I laughed out loud the first time I heard The Beatles "She Loves You" in German. "Sie liebt Sie, yaa yaa yaa." Oh, il Troubadore, you're like black licorice; a required taste.

As weird as this market was, it was a great learning experience. This being our first year in business, the farmers market was a great stepping stone. It was a good way to get our name out there, especially in such a vibrant market place.

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  1. Out. Standing. Why don't we have live elk (elks?) at the Union Square greenmarket?