Friday, November 20, 2009


I've been collecting my mistakes to share. Let me show you my tribulations in the kitchen.

This was the first time I've ever cooked a spaghetti squash. Someone suggested that I cook it in the microwave. I pierced it - obviously not deeply or often enough because it exploded and blew the microwave door open. BLEW THE DOOR OPEN. The microwave needed to be cleaned anyway....

See that crack, where the stove meets the counter. An egg schlooped down that crack. The yolk even stayed intact through the schlooping. I scrambled to catch it before it sunk, but with no luck.
I had to get some man power to help me move the stove. Ahhh, what a pleasure! I love to make clumsy messes and clean them up. It's the best!

The instant I took this photo, everything was going swell. This was caramel in the making. I was preparing to make a chocolate caramel icing for some very hyped-up cupcakes for a special birthday party. I was trying to bake on Friday the 13th. I should have paid attention!
I consider myself a fairly good baker. I can follow a recipe and use good judgement and instinct during the baking process. The baking gods turned their backs on me that day. The cupcakes sunk. They were totally concave. I was less than pleased. My consoling fella suggested that I call them concakes. I "meant" to make them that way to hold more icing.
Well, I burnt that golden bubbly goodness shown above. It turned black. The aroma of charred sugar filled the air, along with a bit of smoke.
I chose to turn the other cheek and bake a pumpkin pie - complete with freshly pureed pumpkin. I made the dough from scratch, in my stand mixer, which I will never do again. It turned out horribly. Uber crumbly. The pumpkin filling turned all kinds of unappetizing colors. Not the glorious, roasted orange hue a pumpkin pie should have.
After many hours of grumbling, I served my ugly pie. It tasted like it should, but I had to eat it with my eyes closed.
Ah, mistakes. Lessons learned.

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