Monday, June 15, 2009

The INDIEana Handicraft Exchange!

The format for this blog is all kinds of funky. I apologize ahead of time.

Karli and I participated in the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange on Saturday, and we had BLAST! It was stressful at times, but sooo much fun. This is our kind of gig!

Our booth was so fancy, if I do say so myself. Loaded with many, many cookies. We met lots of friendly, cookie lovers.

Rar Rar Press had so many hilarious postcards. All typeset by hand.

I fell in love with these five legged plush cats. Cordial Kitten calls them Cat-erpillers.

Fancy wallets by Alison Rose. The fabric was very cool, and on the inside was a place just the right size for your name or a fortune from a fortune cookie. Clever!
I haven't seen shadow puppets since I was in seventh grade when we made them in art class. These puppets, made by Owly Shadow Puppets, are uber cool. I wish I had a place to stowe one.

Book journals! A thrifty couple turns old library books into usable notebooks. The even leave some of the origional pages in just for fun. Great idea, My Favorite Mirror!

This kid from Goat Milk Stuff could have sold me my own shirt. He was like a 30 year old in a 10 year old's body. He's showing me his favorite scent. How can you say no to such an intelligent, sweet kid? You can't.

Brother Aaron snagged an awesome voodoo doll tie made by Sandy Baker of Mythdemeanor. She was very sweet and traded with Karli; cookies in exchange for a Strawberry Fields T-shirt. Score!

This is Aubrey and Bobbi of b.makemake. Bobbi is a fancy plush doll maker. They were across the hallway from our table and made the day extra fun for us.

All of Bobbi's babies. So colorful, so unique, so full of personality.

Postcards for friends hand printed by Rar Rar Press. She had so many cool things.

Aaron helped me pick this notebook out. I was having a hard time choosing which one to buy. The dormant hippie in me leaned more towards Encycolpedia Brown. Oh, bell bottoms. You do it to me everytime!

I had to have some of b.makemake's items. I bought one poppy pin for my mom, then decided that I needed one. Then I saw the green bird eye, so I had to get it too. The same went with my little doll. She saw me and I saw her, and it was love at first glance.

Here is a mishmash of items I picked up. The little Indiana buttons are from Coffee Break Design. I'm going to send them to my German friends. The pendant and shrink-a-dink earrings were scored in a cookie trade. I suck for not remembering the vendors' names.

I have yet to try this fantastic smelling soap. I'm looking forward to a nice mango-y shower. Thanks for the suggestion, kid.

It is known that I LOVE tea. I bought one tin and then came back for a trade at the end of the day. This tea is very tasty. It's made locally in Indy by Herb and Ginger.

These little adorables are decorative headbands made by Cutie Cooties.

As soon as I saw this on someone, I had to have one...or three...and one for a friend.

An oh-so-great trade! Cookies for an apron. Hells yes! The lady from Rustbelt Fiberworks could not have been nicer. If only you didn't live so far away! We could totally hang out.


  1. Great post, Sarah! The handicraft exchange was so fun!!!

  2. Dude, those cookies were great. I think I got the better end of that deal. :P