Monday, September 13, 2010

End of summer. Sad face.

Instead of being a total grump about the near departure of summer, I'm lining up three, THREE fresh recipes that can only be enjoyed during this short, sweet season. (Unless you are the luckiest people in the world and live in California. I bite my thumb at you folks in jealousy.) So, feast on the last days of summer!

Alright, I lied when I told you "no more tomatoes". My apologies, but you need this one. last. recipe. It's only right for a farewell to summer. This one is an uncooked pasta sauce. Yes, uncooked sauce sounds weird, but it sums up summer food to a tee: it's clean, refreshing, and quick. I'll name it Summer Spaghetti Sauce.

In a food processor, add 3 large tomatoes (or 3 cups of cherry tomatoes), 1 clove of garlic, 1 small onion, 8 basil leaves, 1 Tbsp of oregano, 1 tsp of rosemary, 2 tsp of salt, 1/2 cup of olive oil, juice of one lemon, and pepper to taste. Pulse to desired chunkiness or non-chunkiness. Let flavors meld in an airtight container in the refrigerator for at least a half hour. This recipe makes about 4 servings. Serve over pasta or cooked, chilled spaghetti squash.

*If you're like me and prefer little to no chunks, use a food processor. If you like your sauce chunky, I recommend hand dicing the tomatoes & onions and mincing the garlic & herbs.

I know, this photo looks less than appetizing. Aaaand when you read the ingredients, it will still sound unappetizing, but trust me and try it. I think you'll like it. This is Mexicorn, or at least that's what I'm calling it. It's inspired by the street corn I've eaten in Mexico. How they fix it: roast or boil an ear of corn, dip it - while it's piping hot - into mayonnaise, roll it in Parmesan cheese, and sprinkle it with paprika. Eating it this way is messy, Messy, MESSY.

How I fix it: cook a fresh ear of corn (or two) via your method of choice. Cut the kernels from the cob and pour into a bowl. Add a dollop of mayo, a dash of salt, a heavy hand of Parmesan, a heavy dash of paprika, and a dash of cayenne pepper. Mix until combined and the cheese is slightly melt-y. Serve immediately. Eat daintily.

I'll call this one Cantaloupe Salad. This is another recipe that you can fix for one serving or make a bunch for a crowd. Cut a cantaloupe into bite sized pieces. Put desired amount into a bowl. Crumble a bit of goat cheese, cut up a few fresh basil leaves, cut some slices of prosciutto into strips, and add all three to the bowl. Sprinkle with black pepper if desired, and toss to combine.

Au revoir, summer. I'll miss your sunshine and sweet fruits. Hello squash and spice season.

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