Monday, July 5, 2010

At the Lakes

Alright, I'm kind of on vacation. Only "kind of" because I still have to work from a distance thanks to the wonderful interweb, but I'll take what I can get. I'm back at my old summer stomping grounds on Lake Tippecanoe. My grandparents have had a tiny place here for decades. It belongs to my parents now, and my dad has been making good use of it all of his life. Every weekend of every summer, we drove up north to this sacred place. I can only make it up about once a year now, and every time I come I'm reminded of how beautiful it is.

Mushy memories aside, there's a cool, new hangout restaurant/bar that's walking distance from our place: Pie Eyed Petey's. The owners won the lottery so they opened up shop in a rinky-dink, vacant marina. I remember that marina being very creepy with it's old, abandoned boat houses, but now it's hopping with lake chatter and a wafting smell of oven baked pizza.

You have to love lake mentality. You can come in from the water, dock, eat/drink, and set back out again. I'm surprised there aren't more lakeside eateries like this one.

It was July 4th and PACKED!!! Our waitress was super strung out because of the crowd, but very nice. The wait for our food was, as expected, very long, but that's not a problem here at the lake because when you're here, time isn't important. There are no watches or clocks. The only time you set your alarm is when you want to wake up at dawn to ski on the water that's as smooth as glass. To tide over our hunger, we ordered fried green beans as an appetizer. These beans must have been local because they were so huge, green, and fresh.

A great thing about Petey's pizza is the crust. You can choose between deep dish, thick, or thin. We got their cracker thin crust. A 10 inch pizza filled us up just enough. With the pizza and beer down, we could relax and wait for the homemade ice cream to finish churning before the sun set.

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