Friday, March 19, 2010

Packaging Makes the Product

Hi, everyone! It's Karli here. I don't often get to post things because I don't do all of the baking and cooking experiments like Sarah. I wanted to share a little of my knowledge, though, as the one in our partnership that worries about how The Hot Cookie looks and what kind of message we are sending to our potential customers. If you want to sell your baked goods, or lip balm, or stationery, or soap it is important for you to consider how you package your item.

If your product is all-natural, made from eco-friendly materials, etc. you might consider recycled cardboard packaging with soy ink printing. Like this packaging from Lindsay Faye Sherman.

You can also use pattern, font choice and color to grab the customer's attention. The colors and patterns you choose don't necessarily have to be bright or overpowering, but can be interesting if they are different than the majority of packaging in the market for your particular product.Products whose packaging showcase a simple elegance often attract customers and position themselves as higher quality like this packaging for organic honey from designer Marcel Buerkle.

Even if you think your product will best be served by a more traditional package design, there are ways to do this that exude professionalism and quality. This butter packaging gives you the feeling of straight from the farm, yet you know that great care has gone into its production.

Even if you are just packaging your items for friends and family there are plenty of resources on the web that enable you to do it in style like these boxes from Twig and Thistle.

If you have any resources or photos of your own packaging please share them with us all!