Monday, February 8, 2010

Nuts or No Nuts - the Ultimate Question

For our March Flavor-of-the-Month Cookie, I've been experimenting with cardamom. I concocted a rich, buttery cookie with hints of warm cardamom and honey. The only problem is we don't know if we should leave the dough as is - for the purists, or add a crunchy element like nuts. We chose hazelnuts because they are a hearty nut that is crisp when roasted. Decisions, decisions!

What do you think? A little smattering of coarse sugar on top?

Or chopped, roasted hazelnuts on the bottom?

Yes, no?

No, yes?

We really value your opinion. Please tell us which cookie you would prefer? Come forth nut-lovers and purists! Let the debate begin!


  1. I think you should do both and have a taste test with the customers. It would be a fun way to get people into The Hot Cookie. I myself prefer the nuts. How funny that I just made up a recipe with cardamom and honey! Got to love it!

  2. We did a taste test at my work and the thought was that with a little more spice the cookies should be pure without the nuts. With the nuts, the hazelnuts are the main attraction and not the spice.

  3. why not put both in? I'd eat the crud out of it with the sugar AND the hazelnuts:D yum!