Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's be human again - An Essay.

Hello faithful fans. I was inspired to write a little something this evening. It's off topic from our usual edible subject matter. I'm thinking about submitting it to a magazine or the like. Any thoughts? I'd like to hear them!
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Let’s be human again.
When did we stop being human? Aren't we human already, you may ask. I sometimes question this. Some humans have devolved into shells; hard, closed, hollow shells too caught up in daily monotony to feel anything. Not all of us, I might add. I am no cynic, but it is obvious that many have become lifeless drones. We have become crustaceans. When fear overcomes us, we snap shut and burrow into the sand. It is unfortunate that the average person looks at the next with a sense of mistrust. “Don't talk to strangers.” A wise and common quote preached to children, but we are grown up now, aren’t we?

Humanly communication is starting to fade. We have found safety behind our computers and cell phones; emailing, texting, Skyping, calling. We dare not show our weaknesses in person. Must have the security of a screen! When did we collect this insecurity? What's wrong with a face to face conversation? What do we have to hide? Fear is the culprit. The fear of appearing too wimpy, too needy, too nerdy, too (fill in the blank.) What our little crustacean egos are telling us is that we are alone. Woe is me. Nobody understands me. Me me me. The big picture our clammy eyes are missing is that we all feel this fear. It is in our nature to feel it, but not be it. We are not our fear. Knowing this means freedom from fear. We all know that great FDR quote, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Now that we have named the monster, it is no longer frightening. Come out of the sand. The water is fine.

Let us brush hands, hug, and look into each other’s eyes with intention. Listen with full attention. Speak with authenticity. Let us throw away that far off, glazed over, disconnected glance we often give to other humans in passing. You are not too busy to say hello or flash a genuine smile. Just think for a moment. What have you to smile about? For starters, you have air in your lungs, a brain in your head, and fellow humans around you. Those three elements alone are ingredients for endless possibility and greater joy. You could rattle up a quick conversation with the person standing behind you in line only to find out that you grew up in the same small town, only 25 years apart. Or you could get a tip on how to make great corn bread. Or find out where to get the best advice for home improvement. You could meet a future dear friend or soul mate. You will never know until you open up. Let the pearl out.

If you step out of your comfort zone enough to extend a hand to another human only to find that they are still a crustacean, do not get discouraged or spiteful. They will sooner or later learn this for themselves. They will shed their salty coat and emerge from the sand alive and enlightened. Have peace in this knowing and love them all the same.

Unlock your inner human and give your fellow humans a chance to do the same. Together we can walk along the beach, fearless, arm in arm.


  1. (This is Karli, not Travis) Looks good! That would be a great piece for MS's Body and Soul. Thanks for sharing! (P.S. "Since" in the first paragraph should be "sense.")

  2. sometday I will have the proper words to tell you how I feel about this post. right now all I can tell you is that it is beautiful, honest, and hits straight at the heart of something.

    Thank you, Sarah

    Let's not get buried in the sands of life :)